digiCOACH Teacher Coaching Platform

Improve Teaching and Student Outcomes ... Faster

digiCOACH resllerCollective teacher efficacy has been identified as one of the highest factors influencing student achievement. digiCOACH provides administrators and instructional coaches with a simple yet powerful platform to facilitate the development of teachers’ instructional skills and inform job-embedded professional learning. Through constructive feedback and targeted coaching, teachers can improve their practice and classroom outcomes.

Develop individual teacher efficacy with digiCOACH by observing a lesson and highlighting effective teaching behaviors while providing constructive and specific suggestions to improve instruction. digiCOACH includes pre-written, research-based commendations and coaching tips to enhance the walkthrough process.  You’ll also be able to identify trends across your site or district and inform PLC conversations with data from a powerful suite of reports.

Customize digiCOACH to Work with Your Processes and Practices

Choose from multiple editions that can be used as-is or as a foundation to build a custom digiCOACH edition that aligns with your district or site goals. Referencing our pre-built editions to create a custom edition greatly reduces the ramp up time and ensures that you have a library of highly effective strategies and coaching tips at your fingertips.

digiCOACH Editions

  • CORE Elementary Literacy
  • CORE Adolescent Literacy
  • CORE Math
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Common Core
  • Career Pathways
  • Positive Behavior
  • Preschool
  • School Safety
  • Technology

Implementing digiCOACH and More Effective Teacher Coaching Practices

digiCOACH and CORE will work closely with you to ensure success with the digiCOACH platform and to strengthen your district or site’s teacher practices so that student achievement soars.

Leadership Academy

Receive hands-on training on how to use digiCOACH and learn best practices for effective coaching in our half-day Leadership Academy Workshop.

Calibration Walk-Throughs

Ensure consistent data collection and coaching practices. Guided walkthroughs with one of our experts offers data review, discussion and norming of data so you get off to a strong start.

Site Implementation and Coaching Support

Drive teacher growth and transform literacy and math instruction. CORE works collaboratively with district and school leaders to assess current systems and processes and then provides training on evidence-based practices, multi-year job-embedded coaching and curriculum implementation, and data study to ensure sustainable results.

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