Welcome to the CORE Science of Reading Webinar Series

Thanks for joining us! Watch these three on-demand webinars anytime, anywhere to build your knowledge around the science of reading and get expert advice from Dr. David Kilpatrick for incorporating science-based principles into your practice. When you understand the science of reading, you can help every student become a strong, skilled reader.

Assessment and Intervention in Light of Understanding the Nature of Reading Difficulties

Review common reading problems students struggle with and how to select and administer assessments and interventions that address students’ specific needs.

Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Implications for Assessment and Effective Intervention

Learn the importance of understanding the nature of word-level reading development and difficulties in order to accurately assess problems and offer interventions.

Why Phonemic Proficiency is Necessary for All Readers

You’ve probably heard that phonemic awareness is important for reading. Do you know why? Dr. Kilpatrick explains why highly developed phonemic awareness skills are a common characteristic in skilled readers and the key factors that link phonological skills and word-level reading.

Get More Science of Reading Resources

We’ve compiled a virtual library of helpful resources around the science of reading. You’ll find additional webinars plus articles, infographics and more to inform your practice. Keep building your understanding of how students learn to read and instructional practices based on the science of reading.