6 Steps to Improve Reading Instruction Through Teacher Coaching

Teacher coaching best practicesProfessional learning alone will not make an impact on teaching and student achievement. Ongoing, job-embedded teacher coaching is critical to ensure successful reading curriculum implementation and improvement of instructional practices. As you work with teachers to ensure reading success for all students, take a moment to evaluate the coaching practices in place in your district or site.

Do they incorporate the six essential elements of quality teacher coaching in this checklist?

Improve Instruction with CORE and an Advanced Teacher Coaching Platform

digiCOACH teacher coaching platformCORE has partnered with digiCOACH to provide administrators and instructional coaches with a simple, powerful platform to facilitate teacher coaching and ensure the development of teachers’ instructional skills. This simple, powerful system aligns with CORE Elementary Literacy, CORE Adolescent Literacy and CORE Math to provide helpful tools and resources to assist with coaching and ensure effective curriculum implementation, including:

  • Classroom visit data collection
  • Pre-written, research-based commendations and coaching tips
  • A powerful suite of eight pre-built reports including summary reports, coaching reports and usage reports

CORE will work closely with you to ensure success with the digiCOACH platform and to strengthen your district or site’s teacher practices through training on evidence-based practices, multi-year job-embedded coaching and curriculum implementation, and data study to ensure sustainable results.

Learn More About digiCOACH

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