Behind Every Successful Teacher and Student is a Strong Coach

Teachers have the greatest influence over student achievement, but who is responsible for shaping successful teachers? Professional learning can teach educators evidence-based skills and strategies to strengthen instruction, but coaching is critical to helping them take what they’ve learned and apply it to real-life practice.

Constructive feedback and targeted coaching is deeply embedded in CORE’s work with assisting school sites and districts in strengthening literacy and math learning and outcomes. We marry well-structured, evidence-based professional learning courses that build teachers’ knowledge with site-based modeling, mentoring and administrative coaching to ensure successful and lasting curriculum implementation.

CORE uses digiCOACH to help make ongoing coaching easier and more effective for school leaders. Aligned to CORE Elementary Literacy, CORE Adolescent Literacy and CORE Math, digiCOACH allows you to observe lessons, collect observation data, highlight effective teaching behaviors, and make suggestions for improvement. Use digiCOACH to:

  • Develop teachers’ skills. Prewritten, evidence-based commendations and coaching tips guide more constructive feedback.
  • Inform ongoing coaching and professional learning. Summary reports gather walk-through data to help you identify trends across your site or district.
  • Have more construction conversations with PLCs. Coaching reports document every coaching tip ever used so you can easily identify staff strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Ensure ongoing implementation success. Usage reports track dates and time spent in every classroom to keep you accountable to teachers.

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