Reading Expert

Dr. Dale Webster

Dale Webster, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer, CORE, Inc.

Misconceptions About Dyslexia

From letters “dancing around” the page and more boys than girls being affected by dyslexia to the idea that children will outgrow dyslexia, misconceptions about dyslexia abound. Learn fact from fiction in this article that reviews research around how to effectively address dyslexia.

Online Course: Build Skills to Improve Literacy

CORE District Audit and Needs Assessment

Learn evidence-based instructional practices to help all students become strong readers. This interactive online course includes Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures & Teaching Reading Sourcebook. Earn grad credit. Next session starts 1/23.

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Marvelous Mathematician

Dean Ballard

Dean Ballard, Director of Mathematics, CORE, Inc.

Fluency and Number Sense Work Together

Number sense and fluency go hand-in-hand. Fluency activities are a great way to build students’ number sense and give students opportunities to think about mathematics. The Marvelous Mathematician delves into the connections between fluency and number sense and techniques to promote both skills.

Is Your Special Education Staff Prepared to Effectively Teach Reading and Math?

Special education teachers need same expertise in evidence-based reading and math practices as general education teachers. That’s why CORE provides personalized, job-embedded professional learning to both preK-12 general and special education teachers.

CORE Leadership Corner

Recent research confirms the importance of implementing well-designed and effective curricula. Check out three resources to help you “make the case” for a systematic implementation of a standards-aligned, evidence-based curriculum (as called for in ESSA) system-wide or school-wide.

About CORE

CORE serves as a trusted advisor at all levels of preK–12 education, working collaboratively with educators to support literacy and math achievement growth for all students. Our implementation support services and products help educators build their own capacity for effective instruction by laying a foundation of research-based knowledge, supporting the use of proven tools, and developing leadership. We believe that with informed school and district administrators, expert teaching, and well-implemented curricula, all students can become proficient academically. For more information about CORE, please visit