High School Math

CORE has a proven model that brings real and sustained math achievement to your school.

CORE's high school school math experts provide teachers and school leaders with the knowledge, skills, and support to effectively implement a schoolwide math program that works. High School school services include support for classroom teachers, special education staff, and math coaches. CORE high school math specialists also provide executive coaching for the school principal to implement core and intervention programs, supplemental materials, and assessments.

You can improve your high school school math program with CORE's expertise in an on-site intensive program for K–5 levels. Our plan for your success will help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge of math content and research-based math instructional practices
  • Efficient and effective plans for topical units and key lessons linking objectives, assessments, and instruction to student outcomes
  • Enhanced ability to understand and use formative and summative assessment to improve instruction
  • Identification of specific implementation issues and a plan for organization, resources, and support needs
  • Expertise in using instructional materials and implementing core and intervention programs
  • Implementation of a multi-tiered model and problem-solving approach
  • Leadership best practices for sustainable implementation

See our detailed plan for your success in mathematics by selecting the path that most closely matches your school's current scenario:

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"CORE's Educational Consultant has provided support, structure, and focus to our math department. With the expertise and knowledge of our CORE EC, our school's math teachers have been given advice on instructional practices to quickly and effectively increase student achievement. My math teachers look forward to the CORE EC's visits and for the opportunity to work with the EC and to grow professionally. We are all looking forward to working with CORE again next school year!"

– Michelle Mann, Principal,
Freed Middle School, CO

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